BIJOUX : Gurmit Kaur, New York
Modèle : Gurmit
Bruxelles 1996
"Don't you have any jewellery in the collection ?" Those were Gurmit's first words to me when she came to model for me. I told her I didn't need any, because they (the models) were my favourite jewellery.

Then I recall Gurmit launching out onto the catwalk. She was radiant and full of fire. On her third run, she took a hairbrush with her as an accessory, hooking it under her belt.

Now I see that she already undulated like the jewellery she would create. Her work is in her image: supple, sensuous, voluptuous. Precious materials coiling around the body. Rings becoming arabesques. Necklaces entwining with pleasure. Every woman will find a piece she fancies.

And the men have not been overlooked, with those "virile" cuff links.

Her work, like her person, embodies the cultural mix that suits the both of us. These are the works of a true goldsmith that measure up to those of the great jewellers. There is no question but that her creations will captivate the East and West alike.

Azzedine Alaïa
November 1996